Using ANSYS HF Simulation Tools and Overview of ANSYS Electromagnetic Tool Set

Ansys Corp and IEEE Cleveland Section Present:

An overview of the ANSYS electromagnetic tool set highlighting recent advances for RF and microwave and Signal Integrity applications.


Using ANSYS HF simulation tools to design at the component and System level.


The two presentations offer a unique insight into the Ansys’s electromagnetic tool set which focuses on the emerging engineering design challenges in today’s communications market.


This event will be held at:

Quaker Steak and Lube, 5935 Canal Rd. Valley View, OH

October 26, 2011, from 6 to 8:30 PM

Food and beverages will be provided so please come and attend and learn about Ansys’s newest products and capabilities and how they can assist you in your communication needs.

There is a limited number of seats for this event so please RSVP at as soon as possible so you do not miss out. Have your friends and colleagues RSVP for this event as well.

An overview of the ANSYS electromagnetic tool set highlighting recent advances for RF and microwave and Signal Integrity applications.

This presentation will focus on what simulations tools are available by ANSYS to help engineers solve their mission critical design challenges. The presentation will briefly explain the mathematics used by the tools and for which applications each tool is ideally suited for. Lastly, this presentation will cover some of the latest capabilities that have come online within the tools to enable higher accuracy in modeling microwave and RF design issues, yield faster solution times and allow engineers to solve extremely large electromagnetic problems and structures.  

Using ANSYS HF simulation tools to design at the component and System level.

 This presentation focuses on how ANSYS tools can be used to address the emerging engineering design challenge of today. Engineering the system. Systems have a number of definitions but in the electrical world a system is a collection of subsystems and components that have to work together to achieve a desired result. While it is often easy to design a single component, the challenge now lies in ensuring that the various components create working subsystems, which in turn constitute an entire fully functioning system. 

This presentation will show how ANSYS tools such as HFSS, Designer, SIwave can all be used individually to design components, but also how these different tools, all of which use different solution or mathematical paradigms, can be used together to create and simulate entire end to end systems. This now enables engineers to have confidence not only in their particular component but allows engineering teams, design groups, or engineering firms to have unparalleled confidence in how their products will thrive in the real world. Specifically, this presentation will focus on how to use the various ANSYS tools to create a full WiFi wireless communication system where ANSYS HFSS and the ANSYS Designer system simulator work together to create an single full system simulation. Additionally, the presentation will show how ANSYS HFSS and the DesignerSI circuit tool can be used to create an full RFID systems that includes transponder transmit circuitry, tag receiver circuitry, and a realistic deployment environment that will effect the electromagnetic performance of the system.  Lastly, the presentation will cover how HFSS, SIwave and Designer can be used to model EMI generated by cabling and a PCB inside an automobile, as well as using our tools to simulate an entire automobile in a virtual EMI chamber to determine the susceptibility of critical components to external EMI sources.  

Markus Kopp Bio

Markus Kopp is Corporate Product Manager for the ANSYS Electronics products portfolio, which includes such high-frequency tools as HFSS, Maxwell, SIwave, Simplorer and Designer. In 1998, Markus joined Ansoft Corporation and, as part of the ANSYS Inc. acquisition of Ansoft, became an ANSYS employee in 2008. During the past 13 years, he has progressively held the roles of Application Engineer, Country Manager (Central Europe), and Senior Application Specialist , focusing on the high frequency simulation tools and market. Before joining Ansoft/ANSYS, Markus was employed by Motorola as Senior Antenna Engineer in the iDen division, which designed and created the commonly known Nextel phone. In addition to antenna design, he was also involved with SAR compliance testing/simulation and FCC regulatory compliance issues, of various Motorola products. Prior to Motorola, Markus was employed by Sensormatic Electronics as a Research Engineer. His major responsibilities centered around the design of low frequency antennas, sensors and magnetic materials. Through his work at Motorola and Sensormatic, Markus received ten U.S. patents related to cellular antenna design and gradient coil design, magnetic sensor design and magnetoelastic sensor design. Markus holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Physics (Florida Atlantic University), and is based out of Toronto, Canada. He has been using 2D and 3D electromagnetic simulation tools since 1985.

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