Two Transformer Tutorials (Akron Event)


1)    Transformer Design and Design Parameters  10:00 am to Noon (2 CPD Hrs)

The presentation will be on the Basic of Transformer Design. The presentation will explain how a transformer designer interprets parameters such as MVA, lightning Impulse, Switching impulse, Percentage Impedance supplied by a customer. It will touch on Power rating [MVA], Core, Rated voltages, Insulation Coordination, Short-circuit Impedance, Short-circuit Forces, Loss evaluation, Temperature limits, Cooling, Sound Level etc.  It will also explain overload and life expectancy of a transformer as well when Delta winding is needed in Wye-Wye connection. The presentation will answer why in North America we like to regulate from low voltage side whereas in Europe regulates from high voltage side.


2)    Transformer Manufacturing Processes  1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (2 CPD Hrs)

The presentation will be on the Industry wide manufacturing process to build a transformer in the shop floor. Processes will cover Core Construction, Insulation, Windings, Core and Coil, Processing, Tanking, Testing and Shipping. Some of the hold-points during the processes will be explained as well what a customer should look into while doing factory inspection. The presentation will also cover reconnection both in LV and HV, LTC Tap changer both in tank and separate tank, Lead works.

Speaker:  Ronnie Minhaz, P.Eng.

President, Transformer Consulting Services, Inc.


Cost:  $25 per person per Tutorial (IEEE members)

Non-IEEE members - $50

(Free to those who join IEEE at the tutorial)

Students:  IEEE - $5; non-IEEE - $20


Location:  The University of Akron, Student Union Bldg. Room 312

Parking available in the Exchange St. deck off Carroll St.


Lunch available at the Student Union (on your own) for those who wish to stay for both tutorials.


Please contact Rick Buchanan at (330) 497-8250 or for reservations.

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