Open Spaces - Computer Society Event

Please join us in thanking Dragan Dugandzic, President of Omnitek, for sponsoring all expenses for this event! Dragan has been an important member and contributor to IEEE and FENEO since we began this journey. His sponsorship is greatly appreciated!

We will start this joint IEEE Cleveland Computer Society/FENEO event with food and a few minutes of introduction by each discussion leader. Once completed, we will break into 6 smaller groups around particular topics. There will be areas assigned for each of the discussions. If you are interested in a topic, you simply go to the discussion group and join. Stay as long as you like, but feel free to move around to other conversations! There will be two sessions 45 minutes each with a 15 minute break in between. Here are your topics:

Embedded Systems & Industrial Automation by Mike Yoke

Mike is a Project Engineer with Rockwell Automation and will be leading a discussion on embedded devices, tools, technologies, development methods and development impediments in the industrial automation world.


Software Algorithms by Anthony Apicella

Anthony is a Software Engineer with ViewRay Incorporated, working in their algorithms group. He will lead a discussion from his work on algorithms, calculations and floating point depression. Discussion will include optimization, PDEs, and floating point, including literature, equations, tools, and floating point static analyzers.


Wiki as a Collaboration Tool by Mike Sullivan

Mike is a Software and Firmware Engineer with Keithley Instruments and working on his Master’s at CWRU. Mike will review strategies for using Wikis as a simple and free tool for design team collaboration.


eXtreme Programming by Nick Barendt

Nick is an experienced embedded developer and apprentice Agile Developer. He is president of BitBackers Inc. He will lead a discussion on 'eXtreme Programming and Agile', in general, as applied to Embedded Systems.


The FENEO Website by Bob Foerster

Bob is a Software Engineer with LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. Bob also designed our website (and logo!). He will be holding discussion and demonstration of current features (posting events and articles), as well as discussing which features the group would like to see to maximize the usefulness of


Why join IEEE? by Bob Scaccia & Drew Hayes

Bob and Drew will lead a discussion to give interested guests information on the many benefits of joining IEEE and the Computer Society as well as brainstorming ways to encourage employers to reimburse membership fees, how to improve IEEE and so on.  

To reserve your space, please RSVP by October 10.


Flyer is available here.


The meeting will take place at:
LeanDog's "Floating" Office
1151 North Marginal Road
Cleveland, OH 44114

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