MEMS Devices for Reconfigurable Communication Systems

The IEEE Cleveland AP/ED/MTT Chapter and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) our hosting Microwave Theory and Techniques Distinguished lecturer Dr. Dimitrios Peroulis at CWRU on Tuesday , October 18th, 2011 from 11:30 to 12:30 in White 411 at CWRU. Dr. Peroulis will be presenting his lecture on MEMS Devices for Reconfigurable Communication Systems. Light refreshments will be served. See the attachment for more details.

This seminar will begin by reviewing the state of the art in commercially-available RF MEMS and sensors. The focus will be on discussing specific challenges that have prevented some of the most promising MEMS devices in becoming commercially available and new methods for addressing them. We seek solutions at the fabrication technology, device, and sub-system levels. As an example, we will present unique three dimensional architectures for obtaining base-station quality tunable microwave filters in mobile form factors. These filters simultaneously exhibit a very wide tuning range (>2:1) and a very high quality factor (Q>1,000) at 6 GHz and beyond. Besides MEMS for RF systems, we will also briefly discuss inherently-reliable harsh-environment MEMS sensors for the health monitoring of aircraft engines. These sensors have demonstrated reliable operation up to 500C and have successfully identified operating condition changes and imminent failures when attached to ball/roller bearings rotating up to 50,000 rpm.

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