IEEE EnergyTech 2012 - Organized by the IEEE Cleveland Section

EnergyTech 2012 follows the successful launch of EnergyTech 2011, surveying promising technologies in power and energy to address the growing demand for sustainable energy. This new conference will bring together experts in diverse areas to review and explore technologies that promise significant contributions towards addressing this global challenge.

Topics will include: smart grid, energy storage, wind power, plug-in electric vehicles, co-generation, distributed generation, efficiency and conservation, power electronics, photovoltaics, solar-thermal energy, and other alternative and renewable means of power generation. Submitted papers will be peer reviewed and the conference proceedings will be published on IEEE Xplore. Both research and application papers are invited, with an emphasis on how the technology described can help address the global concern.

Attendees for whom this conference is intended include: power and energy researchers and practitioners; engineers entering energy research, desiring an overview of the current technological challenges in power and energy; research directors and investors seeking clarity of the most promising energy technologies; and planners and representatives desiring background on energy alternatives impacting public policy.

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