Firmware Engineers of Northeast Ohio (FENEO) / IEEE Computer Society 'Lightning 4 Talks'

The IEEE Cleveland Computer Society and FENEO will be hosting a fourth round of "lightning" talks at USA Firmware Offices on February 19.  The talk topics are as follows:

Firmware Journal - Bob Scaccia 

The demise of ‘Embedded Systems Magazine’ has left a void in the firmware community. USA Firmware plans to fill the void and introduce their new electronic magazine for the first time at the FENEO event. Several articles by firmware leaders will be briefed.

Software Fundamentals in Embedded Systems - Eric Toepke 

Eric is an Engineering Manager at USA Firmware. Eric will be leading USA Firmware project teams and is well versed in good software practices. In this brief he will be covering software fundamentals and USA Firmware’s four day seminar coming up in March.

The Onion Pi: Making a portable, secure anonymizing TOR Proxy with Raspberry Pi and Linux - Mike Yoke 

Mike is a long time member of FENEO and a Project Engineer at Rockwell. He will be presenting an overview of how to make a portable TOR proxy with the Raspberry Pi, Linux, and a USB WiFi adapter. 

Extended Integer Types in C and C++ - Dan Saks 

Dan Saks is the president of Saks & Associates, which offers training in C and C++ and their use in developing embedded systems. He has written columns for numerous computer publications and served on the C and C++ Standards committees. He will explain the rich variety of extended integer types in C and C++ along with suggestions on how best to use them. 

Date & Time:  
February 19, 2014
6:00pm – 9:30pm

Space is limited - RSVP Required!:

USA Firmware Offices
10060 Brecksville Road
Brecksville, OH, 44141

Catered meal provided!
Lightning-4 Talks
Light Cube Demonstrations

Who Is Invited? 
Anyone interested in this topic, although priority will be given to registered members of IEEE Cleveland Section and FENEO.  

One (1) PDH Available - Bring your flyer for credit

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