Embedded Linux Development

Embedded Linux is one of the most popular embedded operating systems today, and continues to gain momentum in the embedded space. Engineers have found that Linux is both scalable and portable, and that there are a vast number of applications and tools to choose from. A wealth of information exists on the Internet to help both new and experienced Linux developers tackle an Embedded Linux project.

Chris Cole (Cole Design and Development, LLC) and Cliff Brake (BEC-Systems, LLC) will provide a brief overview of Embedded Linux development. The presentation will be broken down into four parts:


  • Bootloader: Hardware and software requirements for booting Linux
  • Kernel: Code overview, its organization and configuration
  • git: a distributed version control system
  • OpenEmbedded: A build framework for Embedded Linux


The presentation will start at 6:00 p.m. Seating is limited and the last presentation had the maximum number of people who could attend.

Please reserve your place by July 25 for these presentations here.

Flyers available here.

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