Creating Your Own Economic Recovery: Executive Growth Strategies &2010 Economic Outlook

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As the state of the economy continues to weigh heavily on our minds, we as leaders must continually adjust to current realities while preparing for future market conditions.
• Is your company positioned to win?
• Are your systems, processes and people calibrated to address current market circumstances?
To thrive, now more than ever, you need a vision for success and execution of an operational strategy that delivers sustainable improvements now and in the future.

How do you spend your day?
Courageous leaders realize adapting in today's recessionary market is not enough, nor is only focusing on incremental improvements. Growth of profits has to be created by developing better business models. Unfortunately, too often executives find themselves spending the majority of their time behind the growth curve in the daily, operational aspects of running the business. As a result, they cannot properly focus on what matters most – positioning their company for long-term success by focusing on emerging opportunities in the marketplace.
• Are you spending too much of your time reacting to the day-to-day surprises?
• Are you personally stretched too thin and stressed out?

How are you positioning your company in 2010?
To realize a higher standard of performance, executives must spend a minimum of 80 percent of their time on growth opportunities. This can only happen when they are confident in their company’s operational execution and people. Too often, executives spend their mental and physical energy “in” the businesses instead of strategically “on” the business. Operational distractions keep too many executives from realizing their company’s full potential.

To create a culture of sustainable operational performance, it is essential to have your employees take ownership in lean initiatives and develop internal leaders to achieve higher productivity results. Front-line personnel and middle managers are critical to addressing systematic operational challenges.
•Do you have faith in your operational systems and people?

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