Controlling, Electrically, the World's Largest Systems

Dr. Allen G. Morinec - FirstEnergy Corporation, Cleveland, OH

One credit available - Bring your flyer for credit.

Dr. Lili Dong • L.Dong34@csuohio • 216-687-5312

Abstract of the seminar: The Electric Power System is one of the world’s largest systems. In 2011, The U.S. electric system had 1.05 Million Megawatts of Generation Capacity and 334 Million Customers. Controlling the electric system is a daunting task. The control systems for generation, transmission, and distribution systems will be presented and discussed. Control Systems such as Automatic Generation Control, Automatic Load Frequency Control, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Power Flow, Area Control Error, and Volt-Var Control will be included. Stability and emergency control of the electric system during power system disturbances and system state transition will be presented along with some techniques such UF & UV Load Shedding, Power System Stabilizers, and some technologies such as Synchronous Condensers & FACTs devices.

Date and time
Friday, Apr. 12, 2013

Stilwell Hall 103
Fenn College of Engineering
Cleveland State University
1960 East 24th Street
Cleveland, OH 44115

3:00-3:30: social hour
3:30-4:30: seminar
4:30-5:00: Q&A

Who is invited?
Anyone interested in attending
Priority will be given to members of IEEE Control Systems Society

Dr. Allen G. Morinec, P.E., has worked at FirstEnergy Corp. since 1986 where he is a Supervisor in the Transmission and Substation Services Department. His fields of interest include Substation Test & Commissioning, Power System Protection, Industrial & Commercial Power Systems, and the National Electrical Code.

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