2010 Cleveland Nanomedicine Summit

2010 Cleveland Nanomedicine Summit:
Bridging the Gap from Basic Research to Clinical Application
October 18-19, 2010  -  Cleveland, Ohio

Joint sponsored by Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University

2010 Cleveland NanoMedicine Summit

The 2010 Cleveland NanoMedicine Summit will focus on translational research and clinical applications of nanomaterials.

This conference has been incredibly successful (as evidenced by national media attention and feedback from attendees) in bringing together scientists, clinicians, business professionals, investors, and others to investigate translational multidisciplinary methodologies to further advance the practical application of nanomedicine.

Topics that will be addressed at this event include:

  • Nanomaterials and Biological Issues; 
  • Image-Guided Therapy;
  • Nanomaterials for Drug and Gene Therapy;
  • Biosensors and Diagnostic Markers;
  • Nanomedicine of Circulating Tumor Cells;
  • Regulatory Issues and Commercialization.

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